Audio Splitter

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앱 설명

Audio Splitter is a safe and non-destructive audio tool to cut audio/video file into several smaller individual audio units.It can enable you to safely extract the best and desired parts out of an audio/video file by just selecting start and end time positions. Audio Splitter is compatible with MP3,MP2,WAV,OGG,AIFF,AU,FLAC,AC3 and M4A audio file formats. You can divide your audio files very easily into your favorite one including WMA, WAV, MP2 OGG,AIFF,AU,FLAC,AC3 and MP3 etc.

Key Features:

-Support input audio/video format including aac,ac3,aiff,au,flac,mmf,mp2,mp3,m4a,ogg,oma,ra,wav,wma,mov,mp4,avi,mpg,3gp,mpeg,3g2

-Support output audio format including MP3,MP2,WAV,OGG,AIFF,AU,FLAC,AC3 and M4A

-Preview the audio in QuickTime Player.

-Split audio to several smaller parts by pick start time and end time.

-Change the sampling frequency,channel number,bitrate and audio quality.

Step by step operation:

1.Click "open" to load source file.

2.Preview the audio in "Preview" panel.

3.Drag the slide and click"Pick Start Time" and "Pick End Time" to set start time and end time.

4.Choose the output audio format in drop down list.

5.Specify the frequency,channel,bitrate and quality.

6.Choose the output directory and enter the file name,if file name is not filled,the default name is AudioSplit.

7.After all settings is finished,click"Split" to start splitting audio.

8.You can click "Stop" to stop the splitting.

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