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앱 설명

autoEJECT will automatically eject all your removable disks when you close your macbook's lid.

Your iPods,flash drives, USB devices, SD cards, Firewire backup disks, DVDs, and even mounted dmg files will be safely ejected automatically when you Mac sleep. Besides of remount all USB flash drives, it can also force all ejected portable hard disks remount upon wake up...

"I coded this app because I always forget to eject my iPod and flash drives before I close the lid of my Macbook Air and just yank it out of the computer at the last minute before running out… Each time I open the lid again, the red alert will pop up, telling me to be good! " - Jiulong Z

With the help of autoEJECT, all your removables will be automatically ejected BEFORE your Mac goes to sleep and reconnected when it wakes up. That way, your files, your Mac system, and your devices are kept safe and secure. Of course, you can also use it as a device ejector to eject devices individually and manually.

- automatically ejects all removable disks i.e.: iPods, flash drives, USB devices, Firewire drives, DVDs, and even opened dmg files
- simple status menu operation, easy and handy
- all disks can be ejected individually by simply clicking their name
- all disks can be ejected at once at one click

Version History:
v2.00 -> v2.02
- 'hide dock icon' option added according to user's feature request

v2.02 -> v2.05
- add option "Change Menu Icon Color Instantly" according to user's feature request.
- 'more by dragonBTV' panel updated

v2.05 -> v2.20
a very important upgrade according to user's feature request
- add option of force remount all portable hard disks upon wake up automatically
- app tips modified
- more by dragonBTV panel updated

v2.20 -> v2.28
- fix bug of "mounted disk list become empty after restart under OS 10.8 - OS 10.9"

1. In order to make autoEJECT manage your disks' ejection properly, please manually eject all your disks before you start autoEJECT, then keep autoEJECT running at all times. You may notice your disks' name listed on the menu under item 'All Ejectable(Click to Eject):'.

2. Special devices are not guaranteed to be ejected, fortunately they normally need not to be ejected before unplugging. As long as your device's name on the menu when you plug it in, autoEJECT will handle it.

3. Not as fast as the modern flash drive, some old USB portable hard disks may take additional time to wake itself up or go sleeping. You may notice the actions by their sounds, so please just wait a few more seconds. :)

4. If some of your external hard drives do not remount themself automatically when Mac wakes up, please make the new option 'Force Remount upon Wake Up' checked.

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