AV for Lightroom 4 201 - Objects, Portraits and People

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앱 설명

Learn professional techniques from photographer and Adobe trainer, Martin Perhiniak, as he enhances Objects, Portraits and People in this advanced 36-tutorial course exploring the state-of-the-art features of Lightroom 4…
First things first... You've got to get your shots into Lightroom, right? That's why Martin begins this course with a short, refresher section on photo file formats and organization strategies used in the current versions of both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

Breathing "life" into still life shots is a photographic art. In the next section, Martin demonstrates some of the essential techniques he employs to enhance his still life object shots. From there, he tackles the unique challenges of portrait photography. You'll learn about the amazing power built directly into Lightroom’s tools as Martin instructs you how to harness Lightroom's toolbox to make fast, accurate corrections and enhancements to your portraits.

Next Martin steps things up by focussing his attention on indoor studio and outdoor photography. You’ll learn to utilize Lightroom’s new automated capture and synchronization abilities and you’ll also get some of his favorite Lightroom recipes for boosting color and lighting!

Martin ties it all together with a section demonstrating how well Lightroom plays with other apps. You'll see how to integrate Lightroom 4 with external image editors and sister products like Adobe Photoshop. You'll also learn how to keep your work projects synchronized to save time and energy without having to redo your efforts in external applications!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Camera Raw Workflow
3. Organizing Photos
4. Working with Keywords
5. Collections
6. White Balance
7. Noise Reduction
8. Increase Depth and Shapes - Part 1
9. Increase Depth and Shapes - Part 2
10. Change Color
11. Changing Skin Tones
12. Red Eye Correction
13. Cropping
14. Sharpening Globally
15. Sharpening Locally
16. Removing Blemishes
17. Background Blur Effect
18. Dreamy Effect
19. Black & White Effect
20. Vignetting
21. Choosing the Right Focal Length
22. Tethered Capture
23. Automated Import with Watched Folder
24. Synchronize Changes
25. Straighten Photographs
26. Color Pop Effect
27. Backlit Photo Boost
28. Connection with Photoshop
29. Healing
30. Content Aware Editing
31. Puppet Warp
32. Adding Type
33. Creating Frames
34. Photo in a Photo Effect
35. Adding Texture with Blend Modes
36. Learn More from Advanced tutorials

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