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앱 설명

--- new version for macOS 10.13 High Sierra is here! ---

With just three clicks, thousands of your photos can be rotated or flipped at a time.

As a batch processing app, batchROTATE pays more attention to the original files' security and EXIF data. Instead of directly rotating them, your pictures will be processed and copied to a destination folder your choice beforehand. Neither the geographic tag nor any EXIF datas of your photos will be erased or rewritten during the process, so they won't be ruined during the process.

Part of of dragonBTV's batch series, batchROTATE surely inherited the tradition of handling original files' security and app's execute efficiency.

Features: v1.09
- batch rotate thousands of pictures with three simple clicks;
- copy instead of direct rotate protecting your original collection;
- special destination first procedure protect source folder's overwrite;
- simple rotate presets: left 90º, right 90º, 180º
- custom rotate input from -360º to 360º;
- horizontal and vertical flips;
- toggle-able beep after each file processed;
- progress indicator during processing;
- destination folder will open automatically after processing;
- supported formats: jpg, jpeg, bmp, tiff, png, psd, tga, gif, jp2, pict, qtif, sgi;

v1.09 -> v1.50
- fully re-coded Sandbox ARC version for macOS Sierra 10.12
- updated to macOS Sierra 10.12 and still compatible to OS10.7 and above
- interface adjusted
- dock menu added
- all deprecated function are replaced
- all file operation are changed to Sandbox compatible
- app menu rearranged
- icon modified
- change color of all popup alerts into white
- alert for destination (output) folder selection modified with detailed explaining
- option "beep after each file" deleted for faster conversion
- More apps by dragonBTV is simplified by displaying in App Store directly

v1.50 -> v1.51
- menu rearranged
- performance improvements for macOS 10.13 High Sierra

* black edge auto filled after non-regular rotations for pictures which do not have alpha channel
(regular rotations includes: 90º,180º,270º,360º and flips)

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