Biorhythm Pro 바이오 리듬은 프로 - 당신의 생활의 리듬에 맞게

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앱 설명

▲△▲△▲ Biorhythm Pro ▲△▲△▲

Biorhythm Pro is a calculator of biorhythm cycles that will let you know every day the condition of your three biorhythm cycles, the physical cycle, the emotional cycle and the intellectual cycle.

This way you can manage your life in the best way because you will always know how much physical, intellectual and emotional energy to expect.

You can also calculate the biorhythm compatibility between you and another person discovering the percentage of compatibility for each cycle and the overall percentage of compatibility. This way you'll know what is your best partner in love, in business and in sports!
You will also have a biorhythm calendar where you can discover the conditions of the three cycles in any past or future date.

Another useful special feature of Biorhythm Pro will give you monthly and annual statistics of the three biorhythm cycles, so you'll know which are the best days and the worst days of the year and for every month.

It is well known that our lives are strongly influenced by the biorhythm cycles, so it will be very helpful to know in advance the conditions of your three biorhythm cycles, it will certainly help in matters of love, work and sports!

Strengths of Biorhythm Pro

▷ Enter up to 10 dates of birth
▷ calculates the compatibility between two dates of birth
▷ Calculates the best and worst days of the date of birth
▷ biorhythm calendar to see above the conditions of the three cycles
▷ Languages: English, Spanish, Italian

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