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Bit Guardian Web Safe

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앱 설명

What if you land on a harmful or inappropriate website accidentally while surfing the web?

Install Bit Guardian Web Safe for Mac and let go of your fear of being exposed to the threats of the digital world.

It is a simple yet efficient Safari web browser extension. With an enormous database, it automatically blocks obscene or potentially dangerous websites and links allowing you to browse the internet with confidence.
This extension provides you a user-friendly interface where you can effortlessly block/unblock URLs or domains according to your preference.
This extension is exclusively for Safari and do not require or support any third party browser’s to function. Simply install and activate the services to block malicious or harmful websites from being accessible on your Mac.

No activation fee or monthly installments is needed nor do you have to register to enable the extension. Just install and turn it on from Safari preferences to enjoy a safer and protected browsing experience.

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