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Brochure Templates Maker by CA

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앱 설명

Easy brochure templates for Pages!

Want to advertise your next big event, product or business to the world in a hassle free and low-cost way? Now it is possible! This brochure maker includes beautiful brochure design templates that are guaranteed to show off your professionalism and instantly gain the attention of your target audience.
Brochure Templates for Pages is a brochure maker app that includes modern and ready to use brochure design templates for Pages to instantly create personal and business content with Apple’s Pages. It is the most sophisticated brochures template pack for Pages you can find in the App Store.
All templates in the brochure maker are fully formatted for customization for user convenience. Every object including text, images or graphics can be added, removed, moved or reshaped. Add your own text or delete the text boxes. The customization power lies in your hands!

Highlights of Brochure Templates for Pages app:
Quick, straightforward and beginner-friendly app
50 plus beautiful brochures for Pages
Easy brochure templates for any templates
No prior designing skills are required
An offline app, the internet is not necessary after installation

Download Brochure Templates for Pages on your device and start making professional brochures today!

If you like the templates and you would like us to add more templates then spare a moment to give us five stars and an encouraging review in the App Store. You can also mention any bugs or errors that you may come across or any suggestions that you would like to share with us. We appreciate your feedback!
We will regularly update the app with new and exciting templates. Enjoy using our app!

Note: Make sure Pages is installed on your Mac device because in order to use this app or download any of the templates, it will require Pages installed on your devices.

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