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앱 설명

M-Material Supermarket! One-off solution for all your template needs (PSD AI PNG JPG)
Apple iWork templates provide 18 topics and 17 categories.
Microsoft Office templates provide 18 topics and 17 categories.
Provides more than 1000+ material, including source files in PHOTOSHOP and AI formats.
We have organized 6 theme materials and 78 classification materials. Bring beauty to you!
-Graphic design
Recruitment posters
Food poster
Flowers spring material
Business card material
Promotional poster
Good morning world material

- Shop Design
Spring and summer style
School promotion
Taobao shop decoration
Spring change
Electrical activities

- Background design
Gorgeous sky
Landscape scenery
Trend style
Gradient style
Chinese ink painting
Business scene

- Universal material design
Hand-drawn lace
Wedding elements
Lantern element
Butterfly element
Fan element
Bird and fish

- Web Design and UI Design
Three-dimensional icon
UI interface
Web Design
Style icon
Simple style

- Product Design and Industrial Design
Clothing collocation
daily supplies
Kitchen supplies
Cool motorcycle
Creative supplies

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