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앱 설명

Cadenza for Mac is designed for advanced high school, college, professional-level instrumentalists to rehearse and perform Western classical music, as well as for private music teachers and conservatory faculty to teach students playing classical music with an ensemble.

On Mac, Cadenza allows you to practice, rehearse and perform with live piano or orchestral accompaniment that follows you in real-time using musical artificial intelligence.
Harvesting the computational power of mac, the music artificial intelligence in Cadenza for Mac not only understands musical audio and provide live accompaniment, but also learns from your performance and improves over rehearsals like a profession orchestra with a conductor would do.

Cadenza provides an ever-expanding library of 300+ pieces and movements covering the core classical instrumental repertoire. By placing you directly in the center of the musical ensemble, Cadenza for Mac helps musicians develop a deeper understanding of repertoire while providing an unparalleled tool for reflective practice.

IMPORTANT: for the best result, please use wired amplified speakers or wired headphones; Cadenza cannot work with Bluetooth speakers or earphones due to Bluetooth audio latency.

For further information, please see

For previous Cadenza for Mac 1.x users: you will not be able to purchase, download and play any new pieces without updating your installed Cadenza app to 2.1 for free. Please contact if you encounter any issues in regard to playing already-purchased pieces.

This Cadenza app is the MacAppStore release of the critically acclaimed "Informatics Philharmonic" system which performed live in "An Evening of Music with AI China Premiere" by faculty members at Central Conservatory of Music on 26 Nov 2018. Well-received by the conservatory audience, this China Premiere was widely reported by major state-run and internet media in China:

Overnight news coverage by the state-run Xinhua News Agency:

China Central Television - CCTV-2 Business channel - "First Time” morning news

CCTV-13 News channel “Live News Room” for domestic and international news

CCTV-15 Music channel “Classical Music Scene Today”

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