Call Recorder - Skype Edition (CRSE)

퍼블리셔: Paul Fisher
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Enjoy this promo price just in time for the holidays!!!

Download now and take advantage the 50% discount!

This app can be your new recorder for Mac! A must have utility that you can use to save work conversations, notes from conference calls, and personal calls.

So easy to use, it only has two buttons!

For user with Skype version 6x: (

Click to record and click to save... that's about it. The great thing is that you can select your prefer recording mode as we are fully integrated

-Record all incoming and outgoing Skype
-Record only your incoming Skype
-Record exclusively all outgoing Skype

Finally set the App to MANUAL and record anything you want!

In this mode the recorder can be used to record your lovely singing voice or just your mental notes. It can also record FaceTime calls, Facebook calls, Viber calls... you get the idea.

For users with Skype version 7x
The new API only allows you to record on MANUAL mode. So you will not have the automatic recording functions.

Have questions? Drop us an email at
If you need assistance with your Audio Settings please follow the instructions:

Have feedback? Found a bug?
Please email us and let us solve the issue before getting upset in this space. We are committed to giving you the best product possible and we strive to get excellent reviews from our users.

Thank you for downloading the App!

IMPORTANT This App It is not, in any shape or form, affiliated with Skype. We love those guys and their awesome product but this is a third-party app.
Skype is a trade mark of Skype and Euvit

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