CEIVA snap

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앱 설명

Now it’s easier than ever to share photos and stay connected with CEIVA snap™, exclusively from the inventors of the digital photo frame. Only CEIVA snap lets you send photos DIRECTLY to your CEIVA® Display from anywhere in the world—all with just the touch of your finger. CEIVA snap also allows you to view, save, share and store your photos. It’s a Snap!

The perfect gift for parents, grandparents and everyone else, CEIVA Digital Photo Display™ keeps you connected to loved ones through the joy of photo sharing. In addition to CEIVA snap of OS X, CEIVA’s snap for iOS lets you effortlessly send your photos from iPhone, iPad, or iPod directly to your display and online albums. All made possible by CEIVA’s patented PicturePlan® technology.

Don’t miss a moment—trust the industry’s leader in digital photo displays with your priceless photos and most treasured memories.

CEIVA snap is the fastest way to get photos from your desktop and favorite photo apps to the CEIVA digital displays.

- Select default displays, albums and groups
- Choose immediate or overnight delivery times
- Drag and drop photo selection included nested folders
- Now integrated with OS X Photos
- Send from any application that uses the OS X sharing extension
- Send a copy of photos to your Facebook wall or Twitter feed

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