Char Menu Lite

퍼블리셔: Michel Bujardet
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 2.99 USD

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앱 설명

Get all the characters in a font by Unicode pages.

This app gives you access to all the characters in a font by Unicode pages (there are over 300 of them) which encompass foreign languages and their extensions, symbols and pictograms, emojis, dingbats, all accents and accented characters, antique and modern script.

Characters show in a size that is comfortable to see correctly how a character looks, and you can pick any font of the system to see how that will look.

Click on a character, and it is copied to the clipboard, together with the font style, to paste in applications that support fonts. In text only apps, only the character will be pasted.

Unlike the basic emojis & symbols option of the Edit menu, Char Menu is available for all applications, like for instance Photoshop.

Also, you know exactly which font is used, instead of having small characters show only by topic.

Char Menu appears and disappears with Ctrl-Option, making it ready at any time.

To have it loaded with the system, simply right click on its icon in the dock, and select "Open at login".

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