Checksum Utility

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앱 설명

Nordcode’s Checksum Utility calculates and compares checksums (also known as hash values) on your Mac.

• Is my backup working?
Compare a file with it’s backup.
• Is my harddisk damaged?
Compare a file with it’s checksum from a year ago.
• Is my RAM corrupt?
Compare an important file with it’s duplicate.
• Is this downloaded file compromised?
Compare a file with it’s checksum on a webpage.

• Supported checksum algorithms:
CRC 32, MD5, SHA 1 and MD2, MD4, SHA 2: SHA 224, SHA 256, SHA 384 and SHA 512.
• Save a calculated checksum as .checksum file.
• Compare a file on disk, a .checksum file and a manually entered checksum in any combination.
• Guesses what algorithm a given checksum might be created with.
• You can test the correctness of Checksum Utility with zero-length checksums on your own.
• Substantial in-app help to let you know, what to do.
• Supports drag and drop.
• Checksums can be copied / pasted.
• 100% hand crafted native Mac application.

Tip: Checksum Utility is made to calculate and compare single checksums. If you want to calculate and compare the checksums of all files in a folder, please take a look at Checksum Folders in the Mac App Store, it is made specifically for this purpose.

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