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Chords Compass Lite

퍼블리셔: Max Schlee
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Over 80 000 chords you can use for your GarageBand projects, song books and more!
Find the perfect chords for your songs on all popular music instruments!
Thanks to a specially developed algorithm, Chords Compass Lite will show you chord diagrams with all possible options in all positions on the music instrument of your choice, on keyboard or fretboard. Simply select a key on the left, a chord type in the middle and a chord type addition on the right, and explore the chords with Chords Compass Lite!
App features:
- 80,000 chords:
- Piano chords: 800
- Guitar chords: 30,000
- Bass Guitar chords: 10,000
- Ukulele chords: 10,000
- Mandolin chords: 10,000
- Banjo chords: 15,000
- Balalaika chords: 6,000
- All popular music instruments are supported:
- Piano
- Guitar: 6-string
- Bass guitar: 4-String, 5-String and 6-String.
- Ukulele: Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Concert and Sopranino
- Mandolin: Mandolin, Mandola and Mandocello,
- Banjo: 5-string & 4-string,
- Balalaika: 3-string
- All music instruments in the app are interconnected, and this gives you the ability to transfer the chords from one instrument to another!
- The displayed chord type notation and chord set are fully compatible with the GarageBand smart instruments.
- You can listen to each displayed chord.
- You can see the chords as music notes and as chord diagrams.
- Drag&Drop selected chords into GarageBand (for your own compositions).
- You can Drag&Drop selected chord diagrams into editors for your own songbook creations.
- Supported 56 chord types.
- Authentic sound for all the 7 instruments.
- Left-handed player support.
- Adjustable volume.
- Retina graphics.

The app includes all common music instrument tunings:
- Guitar
1. Standard,
2. New standard,
3. Lute,
4. Half tone flat,
5. Whole tone flat,
6. Half tone sharp,
7. Whole tone sharp,
8. Drop B,
9. Drop C,
10. Drop D,
11. Double dropped D,
12. Celtic, DADGAD
14. Open A,
15. Open C,
16. Open D,
17. Open E,
18. Open G,
19. Slide open A,
20. Standard C,
21. Esus,
22. Drop C#,
23. Low C,
24. All Fourth,

- Bass Guitar
1. Standard (4 String),
2. Standard (5 String),
3. Standard (6 String),
4. Tenor (5 String),
5. Alternative (6 String),

- Ukulele
1. Soprano Standard,
2. Soprano C,
3. Sopranino Standard,
4. Sopranino New,
5. Tenor Low G,
6. Tenor New,
7. Baritone Standard,
8. Baritone Canadian,
9. Open A,
10. Open B,
11. Open C,
12. Open D,
13. Open E,
14. Open F,
15. Open G,

- Mandolin
1. Mandolin Standard,
2. Mandola Standard,
3. Mandocello Standard,

- Banjo
1. Open G (5 String),
2. Standard C (5 String),
3. Open D (5 String),
4. Old-Time D (5 String),
5. Open A (5 String),
6. Plectrum (4 String),
7. Chicago (4 String),
8. Tenor (4 String),
9. Open C (5 String),
10. Double C (5 String),
11. Sawmil (5 String),
12. Guitar (5 String),
13. Willie Moore (5 String),
14. Doc Bog's D (5 String),
15. Cumberland Gap (5 String),
16. G Minor (5 String),

- Balalaika:
1. Academic,
2. Traditional

Note: The Lite Version offers the chords for 4 key notes. If you need the chords for the complete note set, upgrade to the Full Version!

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