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uCards Templates for Word

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앱 설명

Get hundreds of beautiful Christmas & New Year templates in just one place.

The best New Year card and Christmas card maker app that includes New Year card and Christmas templates.
Are you already feeling the festive vibes? Do you want to make the holiday season extra special for your near and dear ones? Then consider giving them a self-designed Christmas and Happy New Year card this holiday season.
Christmas Card & New Year Card Templates for Word is a wonderful Mac app that offers you Christmas greeting cards and New Year greeting card making ideas. The holiday card templates available in our app are unique in that you will not find anywhere else.
You can easily customize all the New Year and Christmas templates in the app as per your needs. You can move around different objects, change the color of the background, add text or image, and even replace the pictures with your family pictures.

Print Card
You can fully customize the card, add your personalized message, image, or anything you want. Print the card, fold it, and post it.
Email Greetings
You can use the New Year card and Christmas card template to create a unique and beautiful card that you can email to your family and friends right away.

Highlights of Christmas Card & New Year Card Templates for Word app:
Simple, easy and beginner friendly card maker app
Premier and high-quality template designs for Christmas cards and New Year cards
Unique and striking New Year and Christmas card template with high customizability and attention to subtle details
Use your imagination and creativity to make perfect cards
High usability and accessibility
After installation, the app is offline to use

Download and install Christmas Card & New Year Card Templates for Word on your Mac device now.

If you like using this Happy New Year greeting cards and Christmas card maker then don’t hesitate to spare a moment to give us five stars. You can also share with us your suggestions and feedback by writing a brief review. Your ratings and reviews are valuable to us. Also, let us know the type of Christmas cards and Happy New Year greeting cards templates you would like us to add in future updates. We would love to hear about your Christmas greeting cards ideas.

Note: This Christmas card maker app will require Microsoft Word to function, preferably the latest version. So, make sure you already have Word installed and running successfully on your device.

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