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City Bus Tycoon Lite

퍼블리셔: Daniel Viktorin
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Let’s try something new! Become a public transport tycoon and enjoy this unusual strategy and time management game with 50 challenging levels. Buy different buses, upgrade the stations and find the best strategy to achieve all goals in time (company value, transported passengers, company reputation and cash). Tutorial is short and clever so you will enjoy the challenge in the first early moments. Get this sweet and addictive game and transport them all!

- 50 challenging levels
- 8 different buses
- 5 station upgrades
- Many zone types

From the very first moment of the level you should watch the buildings! The taller building you are looking at, the bigger potential it has! Taller buildings offer more passengers. So your first line should be going through these huge buildings!

You can´t win without cash. You will need a lot of cash in advanced levels! Keep reading…

As stated you should explore the city at the beggining. Start your first line on the place where there are a lot of bigger buildings! Bigger buildings mean a lot of potencial lost passengers (stolen by the taxi). This is really important to think about!

Imagine you have bought a bus with a small capacity. So there is no sense to upgrade the stations to their maximum while you are saving money for better buses! Station upgrades are expensive! Upgrade the stations after buying a new bus. Immediately, if possible.

The best strategy is to sell your buses after they have reached their final station. Let the buses serve all passengers on their line. Then sell them before reaching their depot.

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