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Clipper Widget

퍼블리셔: Gabriel Sgroi
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 2.99 USD

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앱 설명

Best way to manage notes and tasks

Something on the internet that caught your eye? Did an amazing idea pop up in your head out of nowhere? Jot it down on Clipper! Clipper is the new age note making an application. Now you can capture your ideas and tasks in smart clip.

This notification center widget customized for macOS allows users to conveniently make quick notes and jot down ideas for easy reference. Clipper also enables you to maintain your own To-Do list and switch to a more organized way of living.

With Clipper, you even have the power to tweak its appearance according to your own liking. You can segregate your notes by using different styles, sizes, and fonts to avoid confusion. You can also embolden or underline important details using Clipper to maintain tidiness. Not only this there is an option for a tab editor too. For long notes, you can open them in a new tab to edit and view with more ease. Clipper provides different user functionalities for different kinds of notes. For instance, a to-do list will have an option to tick a task once completed providing additional clarity.

Why crowd your desk with post-its when you can find Clipper right on your Desktop? Forget making notes on your palm and trying to decipher them later when the ink has faded. Switch to Clipper to easily create, delete and edit notes without any hassle. Quit scribbling details on small bits of paper and squinting your eye to make sense out of it. Clipper makes use of minimalist user interface in order to keep things neat and become more user-friendly.

With Clipper, have all your notes and to-do lists in one place. Now you no longer have to worry about losing a certain paper which had an address or some small detail. Just reach for Clipper whenever someone says “Can you quickly write this down?” You can access Clipper in an instant as it will be present as a widget right on your desktop.

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