Clock Pro

퍼블리셔: Nathanael Carper
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앱 설명

​Say “Hello” to Clock Pro, a Clock, Timer, Stop Watch, and Alarm Clock, plus a bunch of extras, all rolled up into one!


The Clock Pro Home tab is full of wonderful features, giving you an overview of the Timer, Stop Watch, and Alarm clock. See how many minutes are left on your timer, how many minutes are on the stopwatch, or see what’s coming up next in Alarms, just with a glance!


Run 3 timers simultaneously with Timer, and choose a different ringtone for each. Clock Pro has a selection of 4 ringtones, plus more to come!

Easily edit the Timer if you need to make some changes after starting it, even while it's running! No more needing to reset the timer because you set it for the wrong time!

Need more time? Easily set the time for 5 more minutes or repeat it just with a press of a button!


Use Stop Watch to time yourself to see how long a job will take or for other seemingly endless tasks. Stop Watch is accurate, counting down to the very millisecond!


Need a reminder? Never fear because Clock Pro is here; it will remind you! Set the time, day, name the Alarm, and write a little description. Select one of the 4 ringtones for your alarm and hit the set button and forget!


There are more features waiting for you in Clock Pro!

What you see is not only what you get. More features are planned for Clock Pro!

Also, if you feel Clock Pro is missing something or not functioning as it should, you can contact us directing by clicking the "Send Feedback" button under the options tab in Clock. Don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to help you!

These are just some of the features that Clock Pro offers now with more coming in the future! The price is only 99 cents, why not get it now and try it for yourself?

NOTE: If you are experiencing an issue with Clock Pro, PLEASE contact me directly before writing a review. I am unable to correct any issues you may be experiencing if you write a review. ALWAYS contact me first in the app BEFORE writing a review.

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