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Command Blocks for Minecraft

퍼블리셔: Flamethrower
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 6.99 USD

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앱 설명

Learn how to use Command Blocks in Minecraft!

Command blocks are a great way to enhance and expand Minecraft without Mods. In this set of tutorials we teach you how to use Command Blocks to create amazing looking furniture, kitchen appliances (many that work ) and one click Swimming Pools and even a hotel. Topics covered:

- How get a Command Block in Minecraft
- Tips on the version of Minecraft you're using and the commands
- Modern Bedroom Furniture
- Ceiling fans and wardrobe closets that work
- Modern looking TVs
- Sofas
- Chairs
- Create a Swimming Pool with One Click
- Towels
- Water Sprinklers
- Turn a pool into a hot tub
- Make a trampoline or diving board
- Handing Flower pots
- Hammock
- Life savers for your swimming pool
- Kitchen Curtains
- Modern looking Kitchen/Patio style furniture
- Create a Japanese Style House with one click
- Create a multi-story hotel including a large swimming pool with one click
- Functioning stoves that look great
- Make a toaster
- Kitchen sinks
- Cool looking lamps
- An amazing kitchen glass table
- Patio chairs for the pool you can sit on

More tutorials to follow!

Note that an internet connection is required to stream videos. This is a set of tutorials and guides and does not include Minecraft or Command Blocks which must be obtained separately.

This app is an unofficial guide and is not endorsed by or associated with Mojang AB or Microsoft.

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