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앱 설명

The easiest and fastest way to optimize the compression of photos in your collections, archives, and folders; freeing up space while retaining image quality.

Compressing your photos saves disk space and allows for quicker file transfers, uploads, mobile storage, and backups. You can save more photos in your online albums, reduce the space occupied by your photo library, optimize the weight of images on your website or blog, or simply send your images faster than ever.

How you benefit from Compress Photos
• You want to reduce the size of your photo archive
• You want to keep a copy of your photo archive on your laptop
• You want to send samples to someone else or a business
• You want to web-optimize your images for faster loading
• You want to reduce upload time to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat

From a few to millions of photos, it's so easy to optimize. In fact, we've made it as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Drop the folders containing your photos onto the app
2. Select how you want the photos to be optimized
3. Press the 'start' button

It's that simple, no reviewing thousands of photos and checking each one, no complicated options and buttons asking you to tweak every detail. It’s designed for getting the job done, quickly, and without fuss; but powerful enough to handle massive archives of photos.

You choose the best compression method:
• Optimize: Fully automatic, compresses the photos to their optimum while keeping the best image quality.
• Percentage: Compress each photo by a percentage.
• Manual: You have full control over the quality settings.

Compresses JPG/JPEG while preserving the metadata (EXIF)

Privacy and Security are a high priority for us and should you ever need to contact support, we'll never ask for remote access to your computer or for any personal information. See our website for more details on security and safety

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