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앱 설명

CosmAtlas is a powerful Milky Way simulator for iPhone and iPad devices, which applies real physics to calculate every single celestial body position at any time between the year 0 to year 9999.

With this educational App you'll be able to navigate across the astronomical distances in our cosmos, land on the major planets and satellites and see the sky from there or read about it.

Main Features

- More than 400 Solar System bodies, including:
- The 8 major planets;
-177 Solar System natural satellites;
- 295 comets (including the legendary Halley's Comet);
- 11 dwarf planets (including Pluto);
- 3 major asteroid groups: Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud;
- 1449 nearby bright stars;
- The 88 modern constellations;
- Real physics (celestial mechanics) on the objects positioning in relation of time;
- See the sky from the surface of the major planets/dwarf planets, the sun and major satellites;
- A few terrestrial planets and satellites will have an approximate terrain if your on the surface;
- Atmospheric effects also tuned to the reality (that includes twilight sky colours).

Six languages available to maximise the educational reach:
- English;
- Spanish;
- Portuguese;
- Italian;
- French;
- German;

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