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Course for Mastering EDM for Logic Pro

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앱 설명

Learn mastering with UK-based mastering engineer Mo Volans as he takes on finalizing an EDM track using Logic Pro X in this in-depth, 34-tutorial course.

App Features:
• 177 minutes of video training
• Super clear explanations
• Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)
• Easy to navigate

Course Outline:
1. Mastering Starts in the Mix (04:03)
2. Keeping Your Options Open (06:19)
3. Getting Your Export Settings Right (05:14)
4. Setting Up the Mastering Project (03:27)
5. Essential Mastering Software (07:13)
6. Hardware Considerations (05:10)
7. Your Room and Your Ears (04:58)
8. Manual Gain Correction (04:09)
9. Automating Levels (05:25)
10. Bus Compression (08:34)
11. Cascaded Compression (05:20)
12. Parallel Compression (05:00)
13. Introducing M-S (Mid-Side) (02:36)
14. Controlling Low End Image (05:06)
15. Boosting Stereo Data with M-S (02:58)
16. Stereo Enhancers (05:46)
17. Digital Subtractive EQ Technique (10:11)
18. Passive EQ Models (05:49)
19. Classic Vintage Flavors (05:50)
20. Using Multiple EQs (04:57)
21. Simple Enhancers and Exciters (06:55)
22. Psycho-Acoustic and Sub Bass Enhancers (07:42)
23. Mastering Reverb (06:13)
24. Multi-Band Compression (07:37)
25. Dynamic Equalization (03:52)
26. Parallel Multi-band EQ (03:45)
27. Preserving Your Dynamics (04:24)
28. The Brick-wall Limiter (04:53)
29. Maximizers and Inflators (03:42)
30. Metering and Measurement (04:44)
31. The Good Listening Checklist (04:32)
32. Exporting and Dithering (04:21)
33. Final Edits and Conversion (02:58)
34. Compression, Codecs and Delivery (05:50)

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