Dark Romance - Vampire in Love Collector's Edition

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앱 설명

Sink your teeth into a thrilling romance and explore the dark side of love. When Dracula's son falls for a mortal woman, he must protect her from his diabolical family of blood thirsty monsters.

Unravel a dreadful tale of love and deceit. Can a vampire overcome the horrors of his relations, turn everything around and gain the hand of his true love? Only you can free Dracula's son and his new-found lover, Emily, from the deadly wrath of evil.

· Discover the identity of Emily's kidnapper and find the location of their hideaway

· Reunite two desperate lovers back from heart-wrenching pain of separation

· Pick your mode of play as Emily or Enron or even both

· Experience breath-taking soundtracks, hauntingly detailed wallpapers and cutting edge concept art

· Rediscover amazing hidden scenes; replay challenging mini games

Your every move through the twists and turns of this exciting storyline determines the destiny of Enron and Emily. Reveal Enron's deep dark supernatural secret. Defy the impending doom of dark romance. The fate of love is in our hands!

Loads of extras add to the thrill of Dark Romance Vampire in Love Collector's Edition. Bonus extras include:

· 10 Locations

· 6 Mini games

· 3 Hidden scenes

· 35 Zoom zones

· 1 New character

Use your good sense and skill to empower good to triumph over evil. Embark on a dark romantic journey where the mystery of devious vampires and devotion of young lovers collide. You alone control how a shocking story of betrayal and true love will unfold.

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