Data Extractor

퍼블리셔: Roberto Panetta
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 49.99 USD

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앱 설명

Data Extractor allows to extract data contained inside text documents and collect them in an internal organized table with fields and records.
It can parse all the text files you specify and analyze them understanding from text tags what to extract and where to put it.
Data Extractor transform chaotic data to organized one
Al that just in a click.


• When you have many text files with data inside and you want to move them in a structured databases with fields and records
• If you need to extract data recognizable inside various text documents by a start and an end tags of various kind or for position


• Data Extractor can extract the data you would requires weeks or months or even years to collect by hand
• It does it for you in few seconds, it can scan thousands of text, analyze, copy the required data, put them in a table you created with the needed fields
• Uses various options to let you pull out data from thousands and thousand of files and save it in an organized way
• Provides all the tools to accomplish these very specific tasks in a smart way inside a beautiful and elegant, Mac only, native application.
• Data can be exported in various format ready to use


• You specify in 'Sources' which text file to parse or the folders to navigate and parse
• You specify in 'Accept file rules' how to accept a file content to be parsed
• You specify in 'Create Record Rules' when insert a new record in data destination
• You specify in 'Extract Rules' what extract and where to put it
• You specify in 'DataBase' the table to collect data
• You can in 'Run' launch and see result summary


• Document based, can use a different set of data sources per document
• Documents can also be customized for fast batch processing of large amount of data with also specific different rules of extractions and destinations
• Can transform customer orders or any data set received via email in a database records (Data Extractor can parse directly emails pointing at your mailbox on your Hard Disk)
• Collect order received as server output when not directly inserted inside a database
• Extract data from files one by one, also dragging them via Drag & Drop
• Works perfectly with emails received by
• Can process folders extracting from all the files inside nested to any level
• Convert data provided in one format to another when the first format uses a recognizable patter with labels to identify data fields
• Adjustable data columns positions
• Extract data from files where data are written all in one file with record separated just by a distinctive string
• Extract data from files where records are separated by newline with fields all in one line identified just by labels
• Extract data from text document with non unique, ambiguous tags , using special tags usable to instruct Data Extractor where to really start collect data
• Parse files only if they respond to certain characteristics
• Extract data only if they respond to certain characteristics
• Extract data also when it is specified by more then one label (it can put different extraction in the same destination field)
• Can use 'Case Sensitive' option for data tags
• Can work in background
• Always responsive also during extraction from folder with nested thousands of files at any nested level
• At any moment the user can stop the process
• Internal database table, fully customizable, to collect extracted data.
• Data export to various format (CSV, TSV, HTML, Custom) with various options
• Includes PDF User Guide with 4 practical lessons on how to use the application


• Tabs for managing many documents in a single window
• Merge all documents in a window
• Full screen
• Autosave
• Resume
• Versions
• Automatic resume
• Tags in finder

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