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앱 설명

DateShiftr enables you to update the dates and GPS location of your photos and videos. A photo's date and GPS info can be incorrect for a number of reasons and this will ruin your photo library's ordering and grouping features.

DateShiftr also allows you to add comments to your photos and run a slideshow.

JPEG, HEIC and TIFF, photos, plus raw image formats ARW, CR2, CRW, DNG, ERF, MEF, MRW, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAW, RW2, SR2 and SRW can all be updated.

DateShiftr can be used before loading your photos into a Photo Library such as Apple Photos or Google Photos.

DateShiftr is free to purchase with all the display functions enabled. You can update up to 2 files at a time. This restriction can be removed with an In-App purchase.


* Lists the photos and videos in one or more directories.
* Displays the standard metadata from the photos and videos. The metadata includes the height and width of the image, date and time the photo was taken, GPS coordinates, camera settings such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO speed, user comments, and camera make and model.
* Photos can be sorted by any of the metadata fields.
* The selected photo is displayed and you have the option to display a map showing the GPS location for the photo.
* Dates on your photos to be corrected if the clock wasn't set correctly when the photo was taken.
* Date, time, and timezone can be corrected for a single photo or multiple photos. You adjust the date and time for multiple photos by adding or subtracting from the photos' date and time.
* A date and time can be set for photos where no date is present (for example scanned photos). The date and time can be set to increment for each photo so the photos are displayed in the correct order within your photos library.
* When photos are taken in another timezone, apps such as Photos use your current timezone when importing photos when there is no GPS Date/Time in the photo metadata. This can cause your photos to appear out of order, especially where some photos have a GPS Date/Time and others don't. The GPS Date/Time can be set to the photo date and time and adjusted for a selected timezone.
* Comments and the photographer's name can be added to the photo's metadata.
* A GPS Location can be added to a photo, or copied from another photo.
* The GPS Location can also be removed from your photos to protect your privacy when uploading to social media sites.
* An automatic backup is created before any changes are made to your photos or videos, so you can always revert to the original version if necessary.
* Photos and videos can be renamed using the photo date and time (eg: 20180715_124200.JPG).
* Where you have photos from multiple cameras, and the photos are renamed by the date and time, you can copy the photos from multiple cameras into a single folder and the photos will be displayed in the date and time order.
* The photo's creation and modification dates can be updated to match the date and time from the photo's metadata. This ensures the photos can be displayed in order by programs, such as Finder, that can order files by Date Created or Date Modified.
* A slideshow can be created for the photos and videos. This can optionally show the artist, comments and filename.
* DateShiftr can insert a 'Subject Divider' (title and sub-title image) within your photos. This image can provide details (e.g. Hawaii Holiday - May 2019) about the photos that follow it. This is very useful when displaying the photos as a slideshow.
* Photos and videos can be imported from your iPhone, iPad and any other camera supported by Image Capture on macOS. AVCHD videos can also be imported. By default, DateShiftr will only import photos and videos that have not been previously imported.
* Once edited in DateShiftr, your photos can be imported into Apple Photos or moved to another folder on your computer.

NOTE: MOV, MP4 and M4V videos can be updated but the 'GPS Date/Time' and 'GPS Location' cannot be updated for these files.

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