Detect Duplicates

퍼블리셔: Raj Kumar Shaw
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앱 설명

Detect Duplicates is a Mac Application that finds all your duplicate files from your system and gives an interface where you can delete them conveniently. It comes very handy to users who want to free their hard drive from unwanted duplicate files and folders. It quickly scans through your hard drive and brings up duplicate files and folders in an easy to use layout.

-Simply Drag and Drop Folders
-Quickly Scans through GB’s of data
-Delete duplicate properties instantly.
-See locations of scanned files right from the app.
-Search through the scanned files
-See Preview of files before deleting.
-Choose from different Scan options: Simple, Strong, and Extreme.

After scanning a particular folder, you can then select files you want to delete very easily. This is where you can free your hard drive from unnecessary files and save yourself some extra space. It provides a clean and easy to navigate app interface. It works very fast with excellent results.

So, download Detect Duplicates on your Mac today and get rid of unnecessary junk files.

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