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Diarly - Daily Journal

퍼블리셔: Krzysztof Nowak
평점: 평점이 없음
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앱 설명

Diarly lets you securely keep a diary. It has a distraction-free interface and is packed with advanced features to make writing delightful.

Beautiful, Safe and Secure.


• Simple, distraction free interface so that you can focus on journaling
• Advanced Markdown editor with headers, bullets and more
• Inline rich media with photos and files
• Calendar, List and Search
• Hashtags and favorite entries for dynamic filtering
• Customizable fonts and font sizes
• Dark mode
• Word and character count
• Daily writing goals with word count targets
• Export to Markdown
• Templates for new entry
• Links to entries using x-callback-url
• Importing from DayOne, Mac Journal, DayOne Classic, and more

• Seamless, secure multi-device sync via iCloud.
• Encrypted and password protected, to keep your most personal thoughts secure.
• 100+ themes
• Multiple journals
• Import from Markdown
• Export to PDF
• View writing statistics for 90 days and more
• Map View

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