Headphones: DI.FM Radio Player

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앱 설명

** This app requires a valid DI.FM Premium Membership to work. Do not download this app if you don't have a Premium Membership. This app will not work without it. **

The Headphones app is an unofficial third-party radio player for the DI.FM electronic music platform. We are not affiliated with DI.FM in any way.


- Over 90 different stations of electronic music streaming 24/7
- Stream music from the open app or in the background
- Cast votes on your favorite tracks
- See a channel's track history
- Save channels to your favorites list
- Enjoy your favorite beats 100% ad-free
- Better sound quality: Choose between 320k MP3 and 128k AAC options

Popular Channels:

Vocal Trance
Deep House
Space Dreams
Chill & Tropical House
…and many more

How It Works:

Getting started is simple. Download the DI.FM app now. Go to https://di.fm and sign up for their Premium Membership. Sign into the app and start listening to all your favorite channels.

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