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Disk Cleaner CB - Free Space

퍼블리셔: SC CyberByte SRL
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

CyberByte™ is proud to present to our Mac customers our latest piece of art called Disk Cleaner CB.
The application will provide you with the ultimate solution to reclaim your valuable disk space.
Using a genuine and own scan algorithm, the application will be able to have a look in your Mac locations where most of the time files are stored and forgotten. These files are consuming valuable disk space.

What is different than other disk cleaning solutions available on the AppStore is the ability to detect if there are any malware threats hiding in your Mac.
Because we are a cybersecurity company, our Mac customers safety is one of our goals. This is the reason why we think that Mac users must know if in their devices are hiding sneaky viruses.
The Disk Cleaner CB, will only let you know if a virus is found in your Mac system.

CyberByte™ development team thanks you for your attention and we hope that you will enjoy our product.

Support or feedback, please email us at
False positives, please email us at

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