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퍼블리셔: Jan-Niklas FREUNDT
가격: 2.99 USD

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앱 설명

★★★★★ LAUNCH SALE: 33% OFF ★★★★★
Downloaded! - The EXCLUSIVE, UNIQUE and FIRST download manager for Safari! It is the original and ultimate tool developed just for Mac OS X.

Are you missing the option to shut down, set your Mac to sleep or log you out after downloading big files? Don't you want to consume more energy than needed? Do you want to make your Mac more secure? Do you want to see the current state of your downloads without switching to Safari?

Then you need Downloaded!

In Safari you will miss the possibility to do something after finishing downloading. Downloaded! closes this lack of functionality and watches your Safari downloads.

Downloaded! integrates itself completely to the web browser and is able to perform an action after finishing downloads.
Just tick off the running downloads and select what app should do. That's it!
Downloaded! detects finished and failed downloads and will perform the action you have configured it to do.

Besides it is also able to show a report the next time you start the app so that you can easily see which files were downloaded, when and the amount of data transferred.

Additionally it is also a smart helper because it shows your current downloads in the menu bar so that you can see from everywhere if your downloads are finished.

Key Features:
✓ The UNIQUE and ORIGINAL download manager for Safari available in the AppStore.
✓ Downloaded! scans for finished and failed downloads
✓ It is able to perform an action after finishing them
✓ No more need to shut down, log you out, set the Mac to sleep manually!
✓ More security and lower energy consumption
✓ Download reports. See what the result of the last action was, see if all your downloads were finished!
✓ Downloads are visible in menu bar
✓ Intuitive and self-explaining interface
✓ Integrates itself into Safari
✓ Works on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard

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