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★ DownloadMaster, one of the first download managers available on the Mac App Store, is ON SALE! 66% OFF! ★

DownloadMaster is the most intuitive tool to manage your downloads - With one click you can view, pause, cancel, resume and preview your downloads.
With DownloadMaster downloading is easier than ever before. Forget all the hassles, from now on you will never close your web browser by accident - because you will never use your browser to download again.

★ Why DownloadMaster? ★
Webbrowsers are very likely to have simplified download managers. They are not able to sort, search or preview downloads which leads to a very unorganized list of files.
DownloadMaster is not only able to download, sort and preview files, it has an integrated webbrowser with optional private mode, its own bookmarks and much more.

What are all the features you are talking about?
✓ Download files
✓ Pause and resume downloads
✓ Powerful list view with lots of information about your downloads: Size, progress, data received, date added/date completed, ...
✓ Search & sort downloads
✓ See the currently running downloads in the Dock
✓ Preview all your downloads with one click
✓ Lightning fast webbrowser with own bookmarks, history, private mode and much more

✓ Great & intuitive user interface
✓ Optimized for Mountain Lion

Download now to save money and to enjoy the power of DownloadMaster!

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