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DreamView - 만화보기 프로그램

퍼블리셔: woojooin
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 1.99 USD

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앱 설명

DreamView is elegant and comprehensive comic and cartoon reader application which gives you the best way to read digital comic book.
It can also be used for image viewer application. you can see all images contents in both of folders and compress files in simple way.

Main Features:

- Showing and browsing image contents in folder or compress file.
- Supports almost every compressed format. (zip, 7zip, rar, lha, alz, iso, cbz, cbr, …)
- Supports split-compressed file, encrypted compressed file, non-English encoding filename (The Unarchiver Framework)
- PDF file supported.
- Bookshelf interface supported : it gives you very brilliant way to manage to read lots of comic books.
- Recent read item list management.
- Bookmark items management.
- Going to next/previous book(file or folder) supported with one click.
- Reading direction toggle. (for Japanese comic)
- Single/double pages toggle.
- Smart view mode supported. (determine how image will be shown)
- Zoom in/out
- Copy image to clipboard and save it as file.
- Image filter supported. (sharpen, mono, sepia tone)
- Image transition effect (fade, push, …)
- Full screen supported.
- Slide show supported.
- Thumbnail view supported.
- Webtoon image(vertically long size image) supported. (mouse wheel control)
- Trackpad support (swipe, zoom in/out)
- Sorting type supported.

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