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Dubstep Galaxies

퍼블리셔: Gluten Free Games
가격: 1.99 USD

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앱 설명

Build a musical solar system fueled by the power of Dubstep! Mix and match musical planets, gas giants, nebulas and much more to create your own unique Dubstep tracks!

Take control over the power of galactic creation! Every part of your galaxy has its own audio loop that automatically synchronizes making it easy to change up your song!

Unique Features
+ MILLIONS OF COMBINATIONS - Over 60+ loopable drum, bass, wobble, and synth tracks!
+ REACTIVE AUDIO VISUALIZATION - Every star, planet, gas giant, and nebula exhibit dynamic response to their individual audio loops!
+ HIGH DEFINITION SOLAR SYSTEM - Stunning visual effects and detailed planetary topography will dazzle your eyes!
+ 3D SPACE EXPLORATION - Have you made your masterpiece? Then jump in a top of the line spaceship and fly right into the heart of your very own solar system!
+ PROFESSIONAL QUALITY AUDIO - Professional DJ or just a Dubstep enthusiast? Dubstep Galaxies makes it easy for anyone to produce top quality music!

Build your very own Dubstep Galaxy and experience the most exciting and unique music creation experience ever concieved!

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