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앱 설명

Seven Duden German dictionaries with pronunciation audios from native speakers

Have a look at each of the Duden apps and gain a first impression at no cost. The free two-day trial contains all dictionaries. Study the contents and features of the individual Duden apps and decide which dictionary suits your purposes.

Duden – German Etymological Dictionary, 5th Edition
Duden – The German Spelling Dictionary, 27th Edition
Duden – The Dictionary of Correct Usage, 9th Edition
Duden – The Dictionary of Foreign Words, 10th Edition
Duden – The Dictionary of Synonyms, 6th Edition
Duden – The Defining Dictionary, 4th Edition
Duden – German Dictionary, 7th Edition

Search features:

• Duden Morphomagics™ dynamically finds all inclined and conjugated forms of your query, right while typing. Tap any word from the hit list to view its full grammatical details.
• Search through dictionary headwords
• Full-text search mode to indicate usage examples
• Similarity search in case of misspelling
• Wildcard search in case you are unsure of the exact spelling. Use "?" and "*" symbols to substitute missing letters
• List of favorites for quick access to frequently searched words

Learning features:

• Pronunciation audios recorded by native speakers
• Irregular verbs

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