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重复文件清理高手 精简版

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앱 설명

Mac after running for some time, will inevitably produce useless files, the duplicate file is most number of useless files,
These duplicate files scattered in our hard disk, take up a lot of disk space, seriously affecting the efficiency of file search, confusing and inconvenient to manage files
So I recommend cleaning tool applies to duplicate files, XDuplicateFileCleaner

Key Feature:
1.A new scanning algorithms, more accurate than using MD5 algorithm, and more efficient
2.Smart duplicate folder cleanup, Not only to clean up the file and folder can put together to remove(only Pro edition)
3.Detailed statistics and intuitive view of duplicate files, You can see a thumbnail image files, Very effective in cleaning up photos
4.It can undo removal operation, Can recover accidentally deleted files, Let cleanup operations safer(only Pro edition)

Lite Edition Limitation:
1.You can only scan one folder
2.You can not modify the file removal list, you can not clean duplicate folder
3.You can not undo file removal operation

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