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Duplicate File Cleaner

가격: 7.99 USD

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앱 설명

***** Save your Precious Disk Space by eliminating duplicate files *****

Duplicate File Cleaner helps you manage and organize your mac free of duplicates. It provides you an extremely easier way to eliminate duplicate files that consume drive space on your Mac.

Easy Interface:
• Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface to view categorised duplicates
• Shows the duplicates size overview in user friendly pie chart
• Shows all the duplicates information during the scan
• Drag-and-drop feature

Fast, Safe & Accurate:
• Uses accurate hash comparison algorithm to find duplicates
• Sorting options are provided
• Scans and provide results in a quick time
• Support scanning external drives
• Duplicates are moved to Trash, allowing easy and safe recovery
• Editable exclusion list of files, folders and extensions, such that they are never scanned

Intelligent & Powerful:
• Multi Select wizard to auto select duplicates
• Finder integration
• Built-in preview option to offer easy selection
• Filter and sort duplicates as per their type/size/name/extension/count
• User can set a minimum size limit for files to scan
• Support for external hard drives.

No matter how many files are there on your Mac, it takes literally seconds for Duplicate File Cleaner to scan your Mac for duplicate files. Remove duplicates and save gigabytes of disk space with Duplicate File Cleaner.

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