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앱 설명

EasyDoc is simple, intuitive, fast and economic to invoice, create Offer for Sale, creating Packing List.

With the ability to create a store customers with the ability to bind a Pricelist Personal, you can create an archive of products with as many as 5 Pricelist.

EasyDoc with its simplicity will allow you to perform in a few minutes sale offers, invoices, and Packing List; Send documents via e-mail or create PDF.

It has never been easier to create Pricelist Personal or discounts custom customer.

EasyDoc have 5 Pricelist for article, and all of its innovative features is the software Leader to invoices on Mac.

This application was born from an experience well 15 years of experience in creating management software for small and medium-sized enterprises.

This application works in the following languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German.

• Management Customers;
• Create automatic discounts for customer;
• Automatic loading Pricelist for customer;
• Management Categories;
• Products Management;
• 5 Pricelist Management;
• Create Invoices/Offer for Sale/Packing List in PDF;
• Shipping Invoices/Offer for Sale/Packing List via Email;
• Invoices and Estimates up to 6 simultaneous VAT rates;
• Possibility to insert additional comments in all tax documents;
• Tax Documents Storage;
• Managing Invoices with withholding;

Version 1.10.
- Correct calculation withholding tax;
- Added the ability to select products which calculate
withholding tax;
- Added the ability to delete the selected products to the
- Added currencies R/f;

Version 2.00

- Inserted graphic Logo in the document header;
- Improved program stability;
- Improved user interface;
- Fixed application errors;
- Ability to create documents with multiple pages;

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