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앱 설명

Economacs is a user-friendly accounting and invoicing application for Denmark, Norway and Finland. The app has all the usual features you would expect:
• journal
• ledger
• balance and profit/loss reports
• VAT report

You can also create entries directly from bank statements and use old entries as convenient templates. You can choose from a large number of predefined invoice templates or create your own.

You need an active subscription to create more than 10 entries and 10 invoices. All other functionality is unaffected.

Funds will be drawn from your iTunes account at the time of purchase. The subscription will automatically renew unless you turn off automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the subscription lapses. You can manage your subscriptions in the Mac App Store: choose the menu Store > Show my account. On your account page you’ll find ”Subscriptions” beneath the ”Manage” heading.

When the subscription is renewed money is drawn from your iTunes account 24 hours before the subscription lapses. The renewal price is the same as for a new subscription.

There are two subscription options:
12 months - 499 DKK / 599 NOK / €59,99 incl. VAT.
3 months - 179 DKK / 199 NOK / €19,99 incl. VAT.

You can purchase subscriptions using the Economacs > Buy subscription menu item.

Privacy policy and terms of use:

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