Education Templates iBooks Author Edition

퍼블리셔: Deeda Designs
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앱 설명

Education Templates iBooks Author Edition is a collection of educationally focused templates for iBooks Author. Create immersive, interactive, and engaging textbooks, workbooks, tutorial guides, newsletters, class presentations, and more that will capture students - or any audiences - imaginations and take learning to a whole new level.

Choose from 20 different eye-catching designs with over 632 unique layouts like the Tutorial Pro template, a brightly colored grid-based instruction template; or World Traveler, a vintage styled template with large photo spreads and interactive galleries. Adding your content is drag and drop easy and all templates are 100% customizable - change as much or as little as you want - with just a few clicks.

Mix and match layouts from different templates providing endless options for creating professional and engaging content.

20 modern & stylish professional templates
632 stunning and unique layouts
Drag-and-drop easy to use
Landscape and portrait orientations
Mix and match different layouts
Out-of-the-box ready to go
100% customizable

* Requires iBooks Author (free in the Mac App Store).

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