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앱 설명

You don't need a designer for your website: WebSite Creator is the revolutionary new way to create websites!

Works perfect on Any Device!

Every generated website is fully responsive thanks to the bootstrap grid system builder, which provides a huge flexibility in customizing the elements for each device.

◆ Export HTML Files
◆ SEO Optimized
◆ Google Analytics Ready
◆ WYSIWYG Editor
◆ Image Manager
◆ Mobile Optimized
◆ 400+ Sections
◆ 1400+ Fresh Icons
◆ 70+ Fonts Included
◆ Drag & Drop Functional
◆ Forms Constructor
◆ Marketing Services
◆ Stylized Maps
◆ Parallax, Video and Gradient Backgrounds
◆ Retina Support
◆ SVG Support
◆ 8 Preloader Types
◆ Modal Popup System
◆ Elements Animation
◆ Unlimited Colors
◆ Mockups Ready

Integrations: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, AWeber, classic SMTP and more

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