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ePub Converter

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앱 설명

iStonsoft ePub Converter is a powerful yet simple ePub Creator for you to build ePub eBooks from PDF, MOBI, HTML and Text with a few clicks. After you get your own ePub eBook, you can publish, share, or read it on ePub compatible e-Readers for fantastic reading.

Contents in the output ePub files are reflowable, and the text display can be optimized for the specific display device. You can check the output ePub eBooks with Adobe Digital Editions after the ePub conversion, and then publish, share it, or read it on your favorite e-Readers such as Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble Nook, iriver Story HD, phones/devices using Android, etc.

* Convert PDF to ePub
The readability of ePub for eBook Readers is better than PDF. But Most time, we have PDF files but not the ePub format file. To get better reading experience, we want to convert PDF to ePUB. With this ePub Maker you can make ePub from PDF easily and quickly. So you can read eBooks more easily on your eBook Readers.

* Convert MOBI to ePub
MOBI is not recognized by most eReaders. So if you wanna read MOBI files on ePub readers, you need to convert MOBI to ePub format. This ePub Creator can finish the MOBI to ePub conversion and support the input MOBI files in languages: English, Dutch, Finnish, French, Spanish, etc.

* Convert HTML to ePub
Most of us prefer to browse HTML web page with eBook readers. However, eBook readers don't support HTML format, but they support ePub format, then you have to convert HTML to ePub format so as to read your favorite HTML web pages on ePub-friendly devices. ePub Converter helps you convert from HTML to ePub format easily.

* Convert Text to ePub
TXT is too plain that it can't satisfy all users' needs to read eBooks. Wanna convert TXT to ePub format for reading. This ePub Builder is a pretty useful and professional software for you to convert Text to ePub.

* High Efficiency and Easy to Handle
- Support batch conversion. Convert multiple files at one time.
- Simple interface, make ePub eBooks with 3 simple steps.
- Support drag-and-drop operation.

* Accurate Preservation
Preserve all the text, columns, tables, images, graphics, hyperlinks, layouts in the imported files. Contents in the output EPUB eBooks look the same as they are in the original files.

This ePub Converter is absolutely your best choice to convert PDF to ePub, MOBI to ePub, HTML to ePub, Text to ePub with great quality! Sounds Wonderful? Now get the High Quality yet Affordable ePub Converter!

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