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Event Assistant

퍼블리셔: Andy Bettis
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Event Assistant is a clear and easy to use program for the budgeting, management & accounting of workshops, seminars, classes and other events. Enter you information as it becomes available and Event Assistant will organise, collate and present it in a clearly understandable format.

First set up your budget. Enter the expected number of participants and estimated expenses, either for the event as a whole or per participant, then adjust the values and see how they are reflected in the projected balance. Replace the estimates with actual values as they are paid and see how the accounts balance.

If you have an external presenter their fee can be a fixed amount, an amount per participant or a percentage of the final balance. Maximum and minimum fees can also be specified. You can have as many presenters as you want.

Participant details include name, address & email plus a space for any other notes. Participant lists and group emails can be generated from within the program. Payments can be grouped for ease of bookkeeping.

Reporting is full & detailed and can be expanded or condensed to suit your needs. All of the information can be copied in a format suitable for spreadsheets & word processors for easy data exporting.

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