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앱 설명

new version of v1.80 is ready, please click support button to request.

Execute customized events whenever someone looks at your mac.

Imagine this: the moment you sit down in front of your mac, it starts up your apps, opens up the project you need to work on, and some music along with it to make the work more bearable.
It may sound like science fiction, but with faceMe, you can do exactly that, and more! Play a birthday message for your friend as they sit down in front of his computer, or maybe play a scene from a scary movie and scare him instead! The possibilities are endless because faceMe can open up pretty practically anything.

Of course, a classic implementation is to use this app in a museum, where an interpretive video will play from the computer adjacent to an exhibit only when a patron actually looks at the exhibit.

Attention: "Face Detection" is different from "Face Recognition". Face detection can only tell whether a face is present, but cannot distinguish between different people's faces like face recognition can. In fact, a photograph of someone's face may trigger the app.

- support your Mac's iSight camera, all USB and Firewire webcams, as well as DV devices
- Human Face Detection
- freely adjustable timers that include functions such as reducing system resource usage or limiting the number of times events can be triggered within a certain time period.
- Many types of events can be triggered including:

reading of a pre-written message by TTS voice engine
playing music or sound effects.
playing videos or movies in full screen
open documents, images, and most other files.
start or close another app

version history:
v1.50 -> v1.80
- bug fixed for OS10.7 - OS 10.10
- all deprecations fixed
- more flat interface
- more by dragonBTV updated

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