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퍼블리셔: Morten Petersen
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

A text editor that hacks your attention by turning writing into a game.

Freewriter combines writing a classic exercise and gaming. Free-writing is a method originating from Jack Kerouac, designed to suspend anxiety from deadlines and self-criticism. The game aspect provides immediate feedback while you're writing and a focus score after each session.

When you get stuck, write that. Or write the first sentence again and see what comes out.

“Be submissive to everything. Open. Listening. No time for poetry, but exactly what is.”
- Jack Kerouac

"Don’t try to control it. Stay present with whatever comes up, and keep your hand moving. First thoughts, the way we see the world when we are free from prejudice and can see the underlying principles."
- Natalie Goldberg

"My friend who was beginning her first novel said that she would sit at the typewriter for the first ten minutes and just write about what a terrible writer she was, what a jerk she was to even attempt a novel. Then she pulled out that sheet of paper, tore it up, and began on the task at hand—the next chapter of her novel."
- Natalie Goldberg

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