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Furious Driving

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앱 설명

Embrace the fury inside the true racing game. Your car is prepared, the road is clear and your only limit is yourself… are you burning inside? Are you furious enough?

Furious driving is an adrenaline-driven racing game where you fight against the clock to get as far as possible inside your car. As the wheeled fury, you have the glory in your hands: compete against other players’ score getting further than them, avoid the obstacles which will delay you and cross every checkpoint in time. Remember, your skill is everything: FD comes with a challenging achievement system where your ability will be put into true test - crash the boring police, be faster than anyone, climb to the top score and show the world who you are.

On top of the awesome gameplay, Furious driving is a delight to your senses: 4K textures ready for retina display, which will not penalize your gameplay - the speed feeling is assured and you will almost be able to feel the wind in your face. The graphics are customizable for the lesser powerful machines so you can sacrifice beauty for speed. Three completely different scenarios come within the game: the great Alps, the military base in the desert and the labyrinthine downtown, where not the shortest path is the finest… and of course, with 5 different cars which will completely change the driving experience. The combinations are limitless and replayability is assured.

The game can be played with your standard keyboard & mouse, or a gamepad - it is also compatible with Steering Wheels and Pedals like Logitech G27 wheels, GT and much more. GUI also can be managed thru your joystick making navigation comfortable for gamers.

A final detail - look after your car… our realistic physics system can be a headache for the poor driver… who can beat the world without a wheel?

Fury has come. Welcome to Furious driving.

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