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GCSE Maths - Algebra Revision

퍼블리셔: GCSE Exams
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Here comes the most comprehensive Algebra app. Includes syllabus covered by all exams boards including OCR, EDEXCEL,AQA,WJEC,CCEA etc.

730 questions and 73 revision notes in all just for Algebra!. High quality content written by an experienced mathematician.

Expressions, equations, inequalities, advanced expression equations, patterns and sequences, graphs.

Mixed questions from all topics.

Know instantly if your answer was right or wrong.

Review each question at the end of the test. Know the right answer with detailed explanation for each question.

With our unique progress tracking feature including pie charts and bar graphs showing your progress, you know you are ready to take on the real test at the board when your progress meter says 100%.

More details on topics:

1. Expressions, equations etc:

The language of algebra
Simplifying expressions (1)
Simplifying expressions (2)
Solving equations with brackets
Multiplying expressions
Equations with the variable on both sides (1)
Formulae, expressions and equations
Expansion, simplification and factorisation (1)
Rearranging formulas (1)
Solving linear equations
Equations with the variable on both sides (2)
Setting up equations
Trial and Improvement
Expansion, simplification and factorisation (2)
Rearranging formulas (2)
Quadratic expansion
Squaring brackets
Difference of two squares
Solving quadratic equations by factorisation (1)
Factorising a quadratic with a unit coefficient of x²
Solving quadratics of the form ax² + bx + c = 0
Solving quadratic equations by factorisation (2)
Solving the general quadratic by the quadratic formula
Using the quadratic formula without a calculator
Solving problems with quadratic equations
Solving a quadratic equation by completing the square
Quadratic equations with no solution

2. Inequalities (F & H)

Solving inequalities
Inequalities on number lines
Graphical inequalities
More than one inequality

3. Patterns and sequences (F)

Patterns in number
Number sequences
The nth term of a sequence
Finding the nth term
Special sequences
Finding the nth term from given patterns

4. Advanced expressions equations (H)

Uses of graphs-solving linear simultaneous equations
Simultaneous equations
Setting up simultaneous equations
Algebraic fractions
Solving equations with algebraic fractions
Linear and non-linear simultaneous equations

5. Graphs (F)

Negative coordinates
Conversion graphs
Drawing graphs from tables
Travel graphs
Linear graphs
Line lengths and mid-points
Real-life graphs
Cover-up method for drawing graphs
Drawing quadratic graphs
Reading Values from quadratic graphs
Using graphs to solve quadratic equations

6. Graphs (H)

3D coordinates
Parallel and perpendicular lines
Gradient-Intercept method
Drawing a line with a given gradient
Finding the equation of a line from its graph
Uses of graphs- finding formulae or rules
Significant points of a quadratic graph
Cubic graphs
Exponential graphs
Reciprocal graphs
Graphs of loci and trig functions
Solving equations by the method of intersection
Sine and cosine graphs
Transformations of the graph y = f(x)

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