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앱 설명


Quickly see all your repositories at a glance and if they have uncommitted changes. If your repository has a Markdown README, it is automatically rendered. Have your repository info right at your fingertips, including build status tags and more.


Manage Features, Bugfixes, Hotfixes and Releases directly from within Gitfox. Git Flow is fully integrated into Gitfox and the next Git Flow Action is just one click away!


Resolve merge conflicts easily by choosing the side you want to merge with just one click.


Work faster with Touch Bar support. Most views have their own touch bar controls that let you commit even faster!


Work in smaller steps and make your commits more granular by staging or discarding selected lines only. Only commit what you really want to!


Make complex Git commands as easy as Drag & Drop. Who wants to remember and type out every command? Create branches, tags, push, cherry-pick, merge or rebase with just a simple drop.


Finding the difference in your images is important if you do Web or Design work. Gitfox shows you changes in your image assets, their size and dimensions, so you can always be sure the correct assets make it into your project.


Gitfox features powerful full-text and prefix search. And with intelligent highlighting your search matches in the log, diff or filename pop right out.


Working on multiple projects or even across different organizations? Gitfox lets you manage multiple identities easily and set per-repository defaults. You can even amend author and committer separately!


Git records every reference update in its reflog. Deleted a branch by accident? Want to get back a lost commit? Chances are you can still find them in the Reflog!


Resolve Conflicts • Tabbed Windows • Shortcuts • Quick Actions • Cherry-Pick • Squash • Amend • Inline Diff Changes • Branch Compare • Project Links • Notifications


Please note that the AppStore version does not support external Diff Tools and Command-Line integration.

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