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앱 설명

Glimpse for Mac lets you use every webpage as widget in the Notification Center or the Menu Bar of OSX.

Check out your favourite news sites with a swipe (or a click when you don’t have a trackpad), see if your long awaited product is finally on preorder, check some stats quickly or just browse websites quickly without opening a browser.

Add any page to Glimpse by pressing the „+“-Button and enter the adress. Scroll to the area you want to see in your widget and choose how large the widget should be for this. Glimpse remembers this and scrolls always to the right area of your choice. You can also choose if you want the page in the Menu Bar or the Notification or why not in both? Your webpage can also be interactive that means you can scroll in the notification center by using your keyboard or in the Menu Bar popup with your trackpad/mouse.

For non-interactive pages you can choose a certain interval for refresh. So that you don’t need to wait every time you open the page in your widget. If you want to open the page quickly in Safari to see the whole thing just click on a button and the page opens in your browser.

You are able to manage multiple pages in your widget - switch between them by pressing the arrow buttons.

- Add a page to a Notification Center Widget and a Menu Bar Item

- When adding you can scroll and zoom to a certain area of the page. Glimpse keeps this position, so that you are always in the right place.

- Choose a refresh interval for static pages.

- Toggle between desktop and mobile webpages. Sometimes the mobile webpage offers the better layout for your widgets.

- Choose if your webpage widget is interactive or is static and only refresh at a certain refresh interval.

- Many more options and features.

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