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Goods Invoice Plus

퍼블리셔: rSchluet Software
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 49.99 USD

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앱 설명

Goods is perfect for your small business if you are selling items. No monthly fees, no add-ins, everything is there for your selling needs.

Use as your point of sale to create invoices, attach a customer, add items, and even work orders. You can add a discount in either a dollar amount or a percentage. Labor items are not subject to sales tax.

Add employees can be given specific roles to prevent some from accessing certain information.

Bidding/Estimating - Create an estimate for a customer and email it right from Goods. When the customer accepts the estimate, one button creates an invoice from the estimate.

Accounts Receivable - Take payment in full or sell as account receivable. Take a deposit, then enter the rest as the customer pays. Includes aging view to stay on top of the accounts.

Work Orders - Add work orders to invoice to add specific details about the work to perform. Assign employees to work orders. Print them out. The work orders view allows filtering on completed vs incomplete or customer to instantly see the status. Filtering allows you find find what you are looking for fast.

Contacts - including customers and vendors. Store company, contact name, address, email, notes, and an image for each contact. Select contact to view all of his/her activities: estimates, invoices, payments, and purchase orders.

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