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Gradients for Pixelmator

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앱 설명

***Limited-time offer: 50% OFF until September 15!***

500 gorgeous and exclusive Gradients for Pixelmator

Give more depth to your picture, make your photo lively and emphasize the main details in your image. Different style gradients offer tuned and harmonized color solutions.

Minimalist style gradients are subtle and simple. Photo gradients will help to make your captivating photos even better. Gradients for shapes can be used on any object, but you can get the most using them on different shapes. Silver, gold or skin tones will look beautiful on your selected object. Vintage gradients are great for paper, frames, interior or exterior.

Use the gradients on different objects next to each other in the same picture and get a lot more than you expect. Gradients will adorn standard or additionally downloaded shapes and allow achieving the best results.

Pixelmator app is necessary for using the gradients.

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